3000 NFT Collection of Tiered Passes

Merging new age fashion and NFTs with our Miami-based flagship store.

Backend is the AIO stop shop for all curated hot apparel, sneakers & accessories

  • Token Gated Holder Webshop
  • Early Releases & Pre-Orders
  • Access to the most Exclusive Shoes and Clothing in the Market
  • Lucky Airdrops for grails/crypto/clothes
  • In Store Perks
  • First Dib Steals/Giveaways
  • Exclusive Invites to Music & Fashion Events
  • A Piece of the Pie back to our Holders

Created for discerning
fashion-forward investors


We connect, inspire and serve a community of like-minded creative individuals worldwide, who care about looking good.

Our Holders are top priority, and we’ll give you countless reasons to eagerly hold and more importantly use your NFT!



Pre-Mint & Countdown to Store Opening

  • Launch of non-holder webshop
    • We will open the gates to the public for our beta webshop and give access to everyone with limited inventory options
  • Daily Twitter & Instagram Giveaways
  • Trivia and Games to Spread the Word
  • Influencer Promotions & Giveaways
  • Miami Local Promo Infiltration
  • Engagement of local businesses/influencers to collaborate


Release & Launch

  • NFT Mint Release
  • Store grand opening launch
    • IRL event with free giveaways, steals, music, food, party
    • Early Entry, Dibs on Steals & Major In-Store Discounts Offered to Holders who already hold their NFT
  • In-Store Holder benefits initiation
    • Extra discounted prices and exclusive Holder fcfs steals/giveaways in-store
    • NFT Holder discounts ranging from 10% off to 50% off based on item value


Activate Holder Perks

  • One of a kind Shopping Experience
    • Rollout of the first ever token gated sneaker & clothing webshop accepting card, BTC, ETH & SOL
    • Holders only webshop will give access to heavily discounted sneakers & clothing, exclusive pre-orders for future releases and early release opportunities for all the hottest sold out items in the market. International holders must assume shipping fees
  • Backend NFT Staking
    • We will introduce our signature Backend NFT time-based staking protocol allowing our holders to stake their NFT for rewards varying from sneakers, clothing, accessories, crypto and discount codes
    • All NFTs must go through a 3 day staking period to receive all their tiers benefits


Rollouts and Expansion

  • ACE DAO Initiation
    • Ace Tier NFT holders will be grouped into an exclusive community DAO where they will receive more perks such as free sneakers/clothing, tickets to exclusive events, exclusive access to unreleased items & most importantly, a percentage of our monthly webshop profit funneled back into our Backend DAO wallet allowing the community to decide what it gets spent on.
  • Bulkshop rollout
    • Ace & King Holders will be able to access bulk clothing and bulk sneaker deals at deeply discounted prices


Open to the Public + More Holder Perks

  • Store expansion
    • As we will already be in the works on our Dallas location, We plan to open around this point and all Holder benefits will be applicable in both locations
  • Merch/Branding Rollout initiation
    • Introduction of Backend Brand merch/clothing, designed/created in house by our renowned artist will begin to drop in-store for staple designs
    • Backend Brand specific webshop within site
    • Exclusive Online drops that will only be available for holders
  • Begin IRL event pop ups


Long Term Goals

  • We plan on franchising our physical store operation into multiple locations around the US allowing holders to have more outlets for their in-store benefits, but more importantly allowing us to give back more and more to our holders and to our DAO. We are already in the works on our second location in Dallas…
  • Backend will be a much larger movement than just an in-house operation. We plan on becoming the staple of an NFT shopping experience and providing our Backend platform to other NFT projects, retail shops and establishments, all in turn giving back a piece of the pie to our loyal NFT holders. This is much bigger than sneakers and clothing. We plan on revolutionizing the shopping experience for all of the NFT space.
  • Collaborating with other NFT projects, retail shops, fashion & music events, our goal is to become a globalized community-brand that merges the gap between web3 and IRL fashion.
  • Our holders are everything to us and we want to treat them not just as loyal customers with incentives, but as business partners as well. The larger we grow, the more our holders will gain.


We’re Just Getting Started

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Meet our
Store Team

Adrian Rincon
Adrian Rincon


Adrian Rincon

My track record of success in fashion retail started when I was just 17 years old as a seasonal employee for Simons sportswear, a privately owned sneaker/urban wear store with over 25 locations across South Florida. I quickly moved up the ranks, being transferred from store to store to increase sales. I was promoted to store manager at the young age of 18. My love for sneakers started around 14 when I got my first pair of Jordans, and I have been involved with sneakers ever since. My passion for sneakers led me to start Clean Kicks with my business partner Jurik. Fast forward a year and a half later, we have built a customer base of over 1,500 and counting. We have sold sneakers to influencers, celebrities and countless customers nationwide and internationally with $400K plus sales in our first year. I’m excited to bring my passion and experience to the Backend community.

Ethan Gaume
Ethan Gaume


Ethan Gaume

I started in 2020 with $200; over the last two years, we have done over a million dollars in sales and built an inventory of over 100k in value. I traveled every week for a year to gain clientele, and along the way, I have sold to countless celebrities and gained them as clients and business connections that will bring much attention through social media and help Backend build a solid community. My dad has been my partner, and residing overseas he has offered me strong connections and access to inventory that is only available overseas...an immediate benefit to our now community of Backend customers and advantage over our competitors.

Jurik Morales
Jurik Morales


Jurik Morales

My financial accounting and years of sales experience are key assets I bring to the Backend Leadership Team. I have lived all my life in the city of Miramar, Fl and am very familiar with our flagship store’s community. In the year 2021, I decided to open a sneaker reselling company . I used the endless support of the two biggest counties in South Florida and managed to grow my company by 300%. I have a Bachelor’ s degree in Supervision and Management with a concentration in accounting. For the last four years, I have spent my time in school learning how certain aspects of business manipulate the success of a business /company and how to maintain a corporation financially organized. I have put to practice my skill for two years now in my reselling company and have successfully kept up to date with all my requirements as a company, all while doubling my sales in the last year and six months. I’m super pumped to bring all of my experience and educational background to the Backend community.

Alex Moncayo
Alex Moncayo


Alex Moncayo

Born and raised in Atlanta, it's always been a dream to have the whole city covered in my own brand. I began in the sneaker and clothing resale industry three years ago. Throughout the years, I have grown my small $2,500 inventory into a $100,000 hidden gem. After selling over a million dollars in product, Former Backend's reputation quickly escalated to a following of over 5,000. From rappers to athletes, the support is unparalleled to any others in the city. Due to the rapid growth of my business, I was able to hire and manage employees. I built strong relationships with the best clothing vendors in the country, always having my hand on the hottest items in the industry.

I began my crypto journey in 2017. I've always been bullish on crypto and all the possibilities that come with it. Once NFTs became a thing, I was extremely intrigued, but also extremely confused. It took me a while to grasp the concept, and I guess you could say my market research was trading and flipping NFTs on ETH and Solana for the greater half of 2021 and first half of 2022. The biggest thing I learned is that the only projects that survive in this industry are the ones with real-world utility. I believed the metaverse/p2e gaming was too ahead of its time and the hundred thousand dollar pfp bubble would pop very easily. So I focused on creating an NFT project that could survive in any market. One that provides a real-life service and financial incentive but also retains the exclusivity and FOMO. So I thought, why not merge my IRL business that feeds off hype, exclusivity, and FOMO?

Meet our
NFT Team

Alex Moncayo
Alex Moncayo

Creator/Master Chef






Artist/ Designer



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